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"Come on the England" is a World Cup song written by The NB Collective in support of England in the World Cup in Brazil 2014

The Football song is a very catchey tune largely based on an old folk song called "Whiskey in the Jar". The lyrics and arrangement have been changed to show our support for England in the World Cup.

The NB Collective are a pair of writers/producers from Bristol in the south west of England. They live football!

The song is available to buy on all good online music retailers, i.e. iTunes, Amazon mp3 etc.

Buy it here: Find us on iTunes or Come on the England - The NB Collective

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Fancy your knowledge on England World Cup Football?

Here is a quick quiz to test yourself on. Good luck!

England Football Quiz
1. Where is the World Cup 2014 going to be played?
A Germany
B Brazil
C France
D Australia
2. Which group did England qualify from in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa?
A Group A
B Group C
C Group D
D Group H
3. Which is the other football team to have qualified from Englands World Cup group?
B Slovenia
C Algeria
4. Which team are England playing in their first knockout game?
A Brazil
B Spain
C Germany
D Japan
5. How many points did England finish with in their World Cup qualifyfing group?
A 21
B 25
C 27
D 29
6. Who was Englands top scorer in the World Cup qualifyfing campaign?
A Theo Walcott
B Frank Lampard
C Peter Crouch
D Wayne Rooney
7. How many goals did Englands top scorer score (see question above)?
A 6
B 7
C 9
D 10
8. How many goals did England score in their qualifying group on the way to the South African World Cup?
A 30
B 31
C 33
D 34
9. What was the date of the last World Cup final in South Africa?
A Saturday, 3rd July 2010
B Sunday, 4th July 2010
C Saturday, 10th July 2010
D Sunday, 11th July 2010
10. Are England going to win the world cup in Brazil?
A Yes
B No
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